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Behavioral Health Planning: A Key to Farming in the Era of COVID-19
COVID-19 adds new uncertainties to farming on top of a five-year or longer economic recession in most sectors of agriculture. Like climate shifts, tariffs, and disease outbreaks in crops and livestock, COVID-19 is largely beyond the control of agricultural producers. Importantly however, we can mostly control how we behave. Agricultural producers will learn how to develop plans for minimizing infections of the virus, set up arrangements for access to necessary inputs such as equipment and repairs, contracts for a labor force and transportation, and where to become knowledgeable about federal and state assistance programs.

CDC Interim Guidance for Agricultural Workers and Employers

Resources related to COVID19 Response

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Resources for COVID19 in rural and agricultural communities

  • Flu Season & COVID-19 Resource
    This resource discusses flu vaccines and COVID-19 vaccines, and the best ways to protect your health.
  • DO NOT USE Ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19 Fact Sheet
    This fact sheet explains the dangers of using unprescribed Ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19.
  • Global Pandemics and the Agricultural Workforce: Research and Policy Implications
    This white paper is a summary analysis of the findings of the third annual State of the Science meeting of the Southeastern Coastal Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (SCCAHS).
  • COVID-19 Rural Epidemiology
    This is an infographic about the rural epidemiology of COVID-19, produced by AgriSafe.
  • Presentation Slides: Dispelling Misinformation about the COVID19 Vaccine: What Agricultural Producers Need to Know
    These slides are from the webinar Dispelling Misinformation about the COVID19 Vaccine: What Agricultural Producers Need to Know! This webinar was recorded on February 12, 2021.
  • AgriSafe COVID19 Think Tank - Shared Resources - Updated 6/1/2020
    Collection of resources, references, websites relating to COVID19 Response.

Other COVID19 Resources

Webinar (IFAS Extension/University of Florida): Managing Stress During a Pandemic