Natural Disasters

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Resources for responding to natural disasters on farms.

  • Wildfire Health Threats
    A guide on protecting yourself against wildfire health threats.
  • Wildfire Smoke Exposure and Population Health
    July 22, 2014 presentation slides from Dr. Colleen Reid on how wildfire smoke impacts populations.
  • Farm Floods - Cold Weather
    A guide to help farmers protect themselves during winter floods.
  • Farm Floods - Warm Weather
    A guide to help farmers protect themselves from warm weather farm flood health threats.
  • Breath Easy: Protect Yourself from Wildland Fire Smoke
    Learn steps to get informed about wildfires and protect yourself.
  • Flood Recovery Checklists for Farmsteads
    A resource to assist rebuilding on a farm after a flood has occured.
  • Entering and Cleaning Up Flooded Home
    A resource about protect yourself and your family during flood aftermath cleanup.
  • Pesticide Storage Concerns During and After a Flood
    A resource about immediate actions to take after a storm when floodwaters or a storage facility could potentially be contaminated with pesticide
  • Well Water and Drinking Water Analysis at the LSU AgCenter
    A guide for well water requirements.
  • What to Do After the Flood- EPA
    Precautions to take after a flood, regarding well and pump inspections.
  • Protect Your Lungs from Wildfire Smoke
    An illustration on the proper respirator to wear to protect yourself from wildfire smoke.
  • Interim Guidance for Protecting Workers from Livestock and Poultry Wastewater and Sludge During and After Floods- CDC
    The purpose of this guidance is to protect workers from illnesses and injuries associated with livestock and poultry wastewater and sludge from animal feeding operations during and after floods.