CNE- Addressing Military Needs in Agriculture (March 17, 2021)

Includes a Live Event on 03/17/2021 at 12:00 PM (CDT)

Summary: Veterans have a long history of service to our country through military service and through agriculture. The 2017 USDA report added a new special category of producers: “Producers with Military Service”. This report identified that 370,019 men and women agriculture producers claimed the title of US veteran, with 294,974 of them having spent more than 10 years on their farm. Recently much attention has highlighted veterans’ participation in farming. With this new attention, it is important to understand the unique characteristics and needs of those veterans. 

Registered nurses will be able address the needs of veteran farmers with a clearer understanding of the veteran experience compounded by the stress of farming and link veteran farmers to importance resources that support and build provider-client relationships and client resilience

The learner will be able to:

  • Outline the unique challenges that veterans face when returning from service to build a career in agriculture.
  • Utilize resources that are available to veterans that provide support for their unique challenges.

Intended Audience
All healthcare professionals, health and safety professionals, veteran healthcare administrators, farm/ranch owner and operators, public health, agricultural professionals working in academia, business or production, organizations working with veteran farmers, veterans and veteran groups. 


​Dr. Crystal Kyle

Biological Science Specialist in the Institute of Youth, Family, and Community (IYFC)

Dr. Crystal Kyle serves as a Biological Science Specialist in the Institute of Youth, Family, and Community (IYFC). She provides programmatic grant support to competitive and non-competitive grant programs. As a military veteran who farms, one of her emphasis is on Military and Veteran Programs and scholarships, such as AgVet and Military Reimbursables. These include Military REACH, Military Family Learning Network, Virtual Lab School, Family Readiness, Yellow Ribbon, Substance Abuse, and Early Learning collaborations with Department of Defense. Other areas include Small and Medium Farm grants under Small Business Innovation Research. Dr. Kyle provides assistance in Beginner Farmer and Rancher, AgrAbility, 4-H, and 1890s Programs.  She holds a PhD in Agricultural, leadership and community development from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.


Webinar: Addressing Military Needs in Agriculture
03/17/2021 at 12:00 PM (CDT)   |  60 minutes
03/17/2021 at 12:00 PM (CDT)   |  60 minutes Webinar with Dr. Crystal Kyle