How Mediation Can Help Farmers (May 20, 2020)

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Summary: Farming is a livelihood and a tradition for many families. It has its rewards, but also its unique risks and pressures. Those may stem from the markets, the weather, financial arrangements, family, neighbors, government regulations and more. Conflicts that arise when farming and its support systems fail to mesh add to the stress. How farmers resolve those conflicts can play a role in reducing stress. Learn how mediation engages farmers in problem solving that can meet their needs and make the world more manageable.  

Intended audience: Farmers and organizations that work with farmers.  

Objectives: By the end of this webinar participants will be able to-

1. Explain what mediation is. 

2. Describe how mediation can help the agricultural community, especially during the covid19 crisis. 

3. Provide examples of how mediation has helped farmers.  

4. Discuss what the Agricultural Mediation Program is. 

5. Identify available resources in each state.

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How Mediation Can Help Farmers
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No credits available  |  Certificate available
No credits available  |  Certificate available

Kate Pigott, JD

Program Coordinator, Michigan and Florida Agricultural Mediation Programs

Kate Pigott is a trained mediator and licensed attorney in Michigan. She currently works with Michigan and Florida Agricultural Mediation Programs as their Program Coordinator. Previously, she worked for the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan which began her passion for the mediation process. Since 2014, she has worked with farmers and the agricultural community by empowering them to find productive solutions that help everyone move forward. Her purpose is to create a safe space for others to resolve their differences.

John Durling, Ph.D.

Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program Outreach Coordinator

John Durling represents the availability of Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program (MAMP) services to the agricultural community.  As a retired USDA-NRCS research agronomist and research farm manager he is well acquainted with the challenges of production agriculture.  In addition to working with MAMP John has a continuing managerial interest in his family farm and conducts seed field inspections with the Michigan Crop Improvement Association.  John’s PhD is from Michigan State University where his research emphasis was forage production systems.   

David Gruber, JD.

Executive Director of Roundtable Strategies

David Gruber is an attorney and mediator. Mr. Gruber has managed the Michigan Agricultural Mediation Program since 2010 and the Florida Agricultural Mediation Program since 2017. Before joining RTS, Mr. Gruber served as public information officer for the Michigan Supreme Court and as a senior consultant with Public Sector Consultants, Inc. (PSC), a Lansing public policy research firm.