This is Our Brain on Stress

The downturn in the agricultural economy continues to create stress for farm families, workers, and ag professionals who provide products, services and information in rural communities. This session will present basic information on the stress response and how short-term, acute stress evolves toward longer-term, chronic stress. Brain science research is reviewed, providing a strong basis for necessary and impactful ways to help people "manage" stress, reduce health impacts, and increase abilities to make sound, thoughtful business and family decisions.
By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  1. Review and explain the "brain science" connected to how people experience acute stress.  
  2. Describe how acute stress evolves toward chronic stress and three specific outcomes of chronic stress exposure. 
  3. Explain three specific stress coping mechanisms that positively change our brains and bodies, alleviating stress effects including those which can be recommended or facilitated by agricultural professionals and service providers.

Dr. John Shutske

Professor and Extension Specialist in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Biological Systems Engineering Department

Dr. Shitske spent eight years in College of Agriculture and Extension Administration as an Associate Dean.  John returned to a faculty role in July of 2016.  His research work will continue to focus on efforts to apply, design, and evaluate new strategies and technologies that impact negative health outcomes for people who live and work on farms while simultaneously pursuing enhanced profitability.  John also has an affiliate appointment in the UW's Family Medicine Department in the School of Medicine and Public Health. This relationship includes working with health professionals, Extension colleagues, and agricultural services providers to reduce the burden of occupational illness and injury in farming.


Video- This is Our Brain on Stress
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