Respiratory Health

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Resources for protecting respiratory health while working in agriculture

  • Knowing the Difference: Fit Test VS User Seal Check
    The purpose of this guide is to help individuals better understand the difference between a Fit Test and a User Seal Check.
  • Respirator Decision Guide
    Selecting the respirator that is right for the farm work you do.
  • Respiratory Options Guide
    A guide on selecting the right respirator for the right job.
  • How to Comply With the 2015 Revised Worker Protection Standard For Agricultural Pesticides-EPA
    What owners and employers need to know about complying with the 2015 revised Worker Protection Standard for agricultural pesticides.
  • Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Establishments
    This document describes the federal Worker Protection Standards for agricultural establishments.
  • Gas Monitors for Agriculture
    Guidelines to identify hazards and select sensor types based on potential hazards in your farming operation.
  • AgriSafe Agricultural Respiratory Selection Booklet
    This guide is designed to assist trained Agricultural Health Professionals to recommend appropriate respirators based on the clients’ agricultural exposure. (This guide is not intended for the professional who has not received training in respirator selection.)
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  • Manure Pit Storage Dangers
    Guidance on manure pit operations from ASABE specify the need to monitor these spaces prior to entry. This alert provides general guidance on why and how to monitor.