Rural veterans love their country, their family and their land. They are the leaders who mobilize when natural disasters impact small towns. They act to help others in need. Together we aim to discover creative solutions that protect the veteran from illness and injury while farming. How does one’s service (whether deployed or not) increase their risk while working in agriculture? We know military exposure can impact ones health.  When you combine military exposure with farm hazards and financial mental strain of farming what are the health disparities? We believe that veterans can farm strong while farming well.

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On Demand Webinars

Sleepless in America
The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention now identifies sleep deficiency as a public health problem. Sleep affects every moment of our daily lives, from how we think and remember to how our bodies thrive or deteriorate. It determines how we deal with stress, make choices related to safety, and function as human beings. While most health education tends to focus on nutrition and activity, sleep is arguably the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and lack of it causes a significantly reduced quality of life. This presenter proposes that we prioritize sleep and improve daily sleep hygiene to enhance every facet of our well-being.​ Intended audience: All adults can benefit
To Care is to Honor: Understanding the Unique Healthcare Needs of Veteran Farmers
Rural veterans are a unique population with a health profile distinguished by a complex multitude of experiences. Come learn more about veteran farmers and how military service culture, gender, deployment experiences, and generational differences impact their total health and wellness. Explore how to better respond to the health care needs of veteran farmers by joining in to this free webinar.
Learning When To Put the Work Away: Finding Balance for Veteran Farmers
Often times it is better to hear from someone experiencing the same things, rather than someone telling you they understand what you’re going through. Listen in as Shay Foulk discusses the real challenges and opportunities he has faced as a returning farmer veteran, and how he is learning and living ways to try to shut down. Honest, open, and frank, Shay will discuss topics that may seem uncomfortable to talk about with others in the industry, because they don’t quite understand what that transition is like in today’s environment. If you’re a farmer veteran in agriculture, someone who works with and wants to better understand veterans, or someone simply interested in the challenges and opportunities veterans in agriculture face today, be sure to tune in. Intended audience: Veteran Farmers


Resources for veterans working in agriculture

  • Whole Body Vibration handout
    Resource about the impacts of whole body vibration
  • Which respirator is right for the farm work you do?
    Guidance to help match respirators to ag work
  • Agricultural Respirator Selection Guide
    respirator selection guide for working in agriculture
  • Tips and Tricks for Better Sleep
    Tips and tricks for better sleep

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