Ag Worker Health and Avian Influenza

Ag Worker Health and Avian Influenza

Summary: Avian Influenza is a disease caused by viruses that can infect birds and people. Avian influenza viruses are routinely present in wild bird species and can be transmitted to backyard and commercial poultry, but very rarely to people. This presentation will focus on understanding the current state of the avian influenza outbreak in the US and provide recommendations for personal protective equipment for people who work with poultry and poultry products.

Objectives: At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to...

  • Describe avian influenza and how it can be transmitted between birds
  • Identify appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to use when working with exposed or ill animals
  • Recognize the human signs and symptoms that may indicate an avian influenza exposure
  • Access evidence-based health & safety resources focused on safe practices when working around potential animal-borne diseases

Intended Audience: Ag producers, farmers, poultry workers, veterinarians, healthcare providers, and anyone with exposure to poultry or other birds

This webinar is offered in English with Spanish interpretation, provided courtesy of the National Center for Farmworker Health.

Charlotte Halverson, RN, BSN, COHN-S

Total Farmer Health Coach, AgriSafe Network

Charlotte served as the Clinical Director for AgriSafe thru the end of 2022 and is currently a Total Farmer Health Coach. Prior to this role, she worked for several years in hospital acute care settings and community education.  During those years, Charlotte developed and managed a Rural Outreach Health service and a Parish Health Ministry department serving nine counties in northeast Iowa. She is a "charter graduate" of the University of IA agricultural occupational medicine course, is certified in occupational hearing conservation and completed the NIOSH Spirometry training. From 1997 to 2013, she provided agricultural occupational health services and program development for the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety.

Chad Roy, PhD, MSPH

Director, Infectious Disease Aerobiology, Director, Biodefense Research Programs at the Tulane National Primate Research Center, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, Tulane School of Medicine

Dr.Roy is a professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Tulane University Schoolof Medicine and also the Director of Infectious Disease Aerobiology at theTulane National Primate Research Center. Dr. Roy's research focuses onrespiratory health and the aerobiology of infectious diseases.  Dr. Roy isa career aerobiologist, and has been active in numerous investigations for anarray of high consequence pathogens over the years.  Currently, Dr. Royand his laboratory enterprise are heavily engaged in the COVID-19 response incooperation with the US NIH, CDC, and other international partners.  Heserves on numerous ad hoc SME panels contributing to the ongoingresponse to COVID-19, including as an invited panelist with the World HealthOrganizations’ (WHO) committee on development of animal models for futuretesting of medical countermeasures.    


Webinar: Ag Worker Health and Avian Influenza
Recorded 05/04/2022
Recorded 05/04/2022
(Spanish Translation) Webinar: Ag Worker Health and Avian Influenza
Recorded 05/04/2022
Recorded 05/04/2022
Evaluation: Ag Worker Health and Avian Influenza
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1.00 Online Education Hour credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 Online Education Hour credit  |  Certificate available