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  • Helping Farmers Weather the Storm of Emotions + Economics: NY Farmnet (LIVE December 16)

    Contains 3 Component(s)

    NY FarmNet, a Cornell University program, helps farmers in New York state navigate the waters of growth, change, and crisis. Since 1986, NY FarmNet has provided free, confidential on farm consulting to thousands of farmers and their families. With its unique, holistic approach - offering both financial and family/personal guidance - the program is able to help farm families work through a multitude of challenges that may be affecting the farm business. This webinar will discuss the impact of NY FarmNet's work, as well as some best practices for working with and engaging farmers. Learning Objectives: 1. Gain insight on providing direct counseling services to farmers. 2. Recognize the benefits of addressing both the financial and emotional sides of farm businesses. 3. Identify existing networks to support farmers and farm families.

  • Providing Culturally Competent Care for Farmers and Farm Families, With Emphasis on Mental Well-Being

    Contains 4 Component(s)

    Alarming rates of suicide among production farmers have prompted public health officials to increase the awareness and cultural understanding of providing wholistic care for those in rural agricultural areas. Unique aspects of farm life and farming can contribute to higher levels of depressive symptoms and increased stress. Higher levels of depression, in addition to suicide, can also increase a farmer’s risk of injury and development of chronic disease, impacting overall quality of life. The agrarian culture is one of strong work ethic, self-sufficiency, conservative views, and adherence to gender roles, which can make discussion of mental well-being distinctly different from clients who are not from the agrarian culture. The training module will seek to provide insight on the aspects of providing healthcare for farmers and farm families as it relates to the culture and occupational aspects of farming and farm life. Objectives: By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to: Have a greater understanding of the agrarian culture. Apply key concepts of the culture when proving healthcare for farmers and farm families. Identify barriers of seeking mental wellness in a rural, agricultural community

  • Proactive and Reactive Society: Focus on rural mental health

    Contains 3 Component(s) Recorded On: 08/14/2019

    Rural healthcare providers and safety professionals have an important role to play in supporting people experiencing stress or mental health challenges. Come listen as Ted Matthews talks about what we can do to be proactive and prepare ahead of crisis.